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One platform to manage all your customer data integration.

Map fields & sync every update to people, companies & segments across all your tools in real-time.

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Connect Salesforce to all your tools, tracking & databases with real-time, two-way sync through Hull.

  • Two-way sync with Leads, Contacts & accounts
  • Minimize Salesforce API calls and data storage costs
  • Reformat data before syncing into Salesforce
  • Update your Salesforce instance in real-time
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Integrate all your tools through Hull

For Developers

Build and extend Hull integrations

Every Hull integration is open source and available in our GitHub org here. Build using node and express.js - you don't need a database.

Their architecture is very simple, straightforward and anyone can fork one of them to tweak their behaviour to their exact needs.

At the same time, all the complexity of scaling integrations and managing logs is handled by the Hull platform. It is simple replicate and build new connectors.

Read our Building a Connector documentation

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Hull has integrations for CRM, databases, email, analytics, lead tracking, data enrichment and more.

Don't see your tools here? Get in touch with the Hull team here to request a new integration from the team or build your own.

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Featured integration


Run any custom computation in real-time with your customer data using plain JavaScript.

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Visibility & control over customer data integration

Log & query all data flows

Filter & view any type of data, connector, user, or account

Build your own connectors

Integrate new tools with ease using Hull’s NodeJS libraries.

Built for enterprise scale

Hull micro-batches outgoing notifications, handles backpressure, and automatically retries failed syncs.

Orchestrate all your tools, teams & data with Hull

Hull sits at the heart of your marketing tech stack. Unify, transform, segment, and sync customer data across all your tools and teams from one customer data platform.

Unified customer profiles to capture & show everything about each person & company.

Processor to transform your customer data in any way, in real-time.

Segmentation tool to query your entire customer database, compute segments & filter data flows in real-time.

Integrations to map, filter & sync customer data across all your tools & databases.

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