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For Developers

Build and extend Hull integrations

Every Hull integration is open source and available in our GitHub org here. Build using node and express.js - you don't need a database.

Their architecture is very simple, straightforward and anyone can fork one of them to tweak their behaviour to their exact needs.

At the same time, all the complexity of scaling integrations and managing logs is handled by the Hull platform. It is simple replicate and build new connectors.

Read our Building a Connector documentation

See & query all data flowing in and out of Hull

All the data that enters, leaves, or is processed by Hull is shown in the logs.

You can filter by the type of data, connector, user, or account, and drill down into exactly how your data is being processed.

Hull Connectors are smart

Micro-batch notifications

Hull respects the API limits of 3rd party services. Notifications are intelligently batched and synced together.

Handle backpressure

If external services are under sustained load, Hull intelligently handles backpressure to smooth over and safely sync data across.

Check & re-try data syncs

Hull checks to see if data was synced successfully, then retries automatically if not.

Break & sync your customer data silos with Hull

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