2-way Clearbit Salesforce integration

Reveal website visitors, prospect target accounts, and enrich marketing's leads with Clearbit data before syncing to Salesforce Leads, Contacts & Accounts

Unify your leads & Clearbit data before syncing to Salesforce

Salesforce Leads, Contacts & Accounts

Create and update Leads, Contacts & Accounts in Salesforce with data from all your marketing and sales prospecting tools and databases through Hull.

Reveal, Prospector & Enrichment

Reveal the company behind website visitors, create new contacts with Prospector, and fill in the blanks in Profiles with Enrichment data from Clearbit.

Capture all your Clearbit data in Hull Profiles


Unify all your customer data from all your data sources (including Clearbit) with Hull Profiles. Create new profiles with Clearbit Prospector queries. Enrich anonymous web visitor profiles with company domain data from Clearbit Reveal. All 80+ data points from Clearbit Enrichment are included on the left hand column with all other user attributes.

Complete control over all your customer data

Map and sync data across connected tools

Control which elements of Profiles and which Segments to sync to all your tools through connector settings. Hull keeps all profiles and segments updated across all your connected tools automatically.

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Transform, enrich & cleanse customer data

Not all customer data is immediately useful in every tool. Transform that data using plain JavaScript in Processor. No limitations of tools and interfaces. Write all computed data back into Profiles.

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Qualify leads accurately and automatically

Hull Segmentation Tool

Sync only qualified leads to sales. Use all your data on each lead, including enriched and computed data, to deeply and precisely qualify leads in Hull using Hull Segments.

Choose which segments to sync to your tools, including your CRMs. Hull automatically syncs and updates matching qualified leads to your CRM.

Lengow fixed their 50% dropoff in demo request response with automated lead qualification through Hull. Read the case study.

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Complete control over your Salesforce data integration

Select segments, traits, and events to sync from Hull Profiles to Salesforce.

Hull updates each tool with every updated profile or segment automatically, or with one-off manual syncs to backfill data. Hull intelligently batches API calls so you don't blow your 15,000/day API limit with Salesforce. Each update is synced in real-time to each connected integration. It takes moments to setup Hull Integrations with Salesforce or any other tool.

Mention saved over $15,000 on Salesforce (whilst doubling qualified leads) using Hull for their data integration instead of native integrations.

Hull Integration settings

Explore our Clearbit & Salesforce integrations


Learn how Hull integrates with Clearbit Enrichment, Prospector & Reveal in our Clearbit integration in our overview page, documentation, and open source integration.


Learn how Hull integrates with Salesforce Leads, Contacts & Accounts in our overview, documentation, and open source integration.

Break & sync your customer data silos with Hull

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