One Clearbit integration to power them all

Sync data from Clearbit Enrichment, Reveal, and Prospector to all your tools through Hull's customer data platform.

Seamless data integration for Clearbit users

Unify customer profiles

Capture customer data from any API, SQL database, webhook and more, and combine into an infinitely deep, schemaless profile with Hull Profiles.

Segment with all your data

Use limitless combinations of your customer data to create email lists, ad audiences, qualified leads, and more with Segments.

Sync across all your tools

Share and update the same segments and profiles across all your tools with Integrations. No tools or teams stuck with incomplete, messy, “dead data”.

Unify all your customer data into one profile

Create the complete picture around each lead, customer, and account. Unify data from all your sales and marketing tools into Hull's central customer database.

Hull creates one unified customer profile for each person and account. Smart, secure, automated identity resolution matches together different elements of the customer journey from different data sources.

Profiles feature every attribute and trait about a person, everything they've ever done, and ever data change and update ever according to every connected data source - ever.

Learn more about Profiles

Sync 80+ Clearbit Enrichment data points into all your tools


Enrich person and company profiles across all your tools and databases with Clearbit's rich data set through Hull. Connect the Enrichment API to Hull, and select which Profiles to sync across to Clearbit. Hull captures the returned responses, writes into Profiles, and stamps an Enriched at event in the timeline.

Create precise segments and compute new traits with your Clearbit data (and any other data) from Profiles. Then, map your Clearbit data to attributes and properties in your other tools. Hull Integrations batch and sync your Clearbit data to each tool in real-time.

Reveal the company behind web traffic anywhere

Hull Clearbit Reveal Rackspace

Use Clearbit's Reveal data on any web traffic - your own analytics tracking and external partner sites that provide an IP address. Configure the Clearbit connector to send a group of website visitors to Reveal based on a segment in Hull.

Hull writes the Clearbit company data returned from Reveal into the web visitor's Profile. Sync your revealed visitors across your tools to trigger workflows and automation there. Continue to enrich the visitor Profile with more data, form fills, engagement and more to capture the entire customer journey on a person and company level.

Prospect for new leads automatically

Hull Prospector

Automate your prospecting. Hull's Clearbit connector includes an interface to the Prospector API. Setup one-off prospection, or prospect automatically using any segment in Hull.

  • Lookup related contacts to your latest demo request
  • Find lookalike accounts to your best fit opportunities and customers
  • Expand existing accounts by prospecting for non-user teams
  • Retarget all target personas from companies visiting your website (with Hull-Clearbit Reveal).

Write new leads into Hull from Clearbit Prospector. These create a new Hull Profile for each prospect with a Prospected at attribute. Then sync best-fit and complete prospect profiles across your sales and marketing tools.

Build real-time segments with your Clearbit data

Use all your Clearbit data along with data from all your other tools in Profiles to build segments in real-time.

Use limitless combinations of filters in Hull's segmentation tool to precisely group leads and customers.

  • Lead qualification
  • Email segmentation
  • Ad audiences
  • Marketing automation workflows
  • Live chat
  • Web personalization
  • Selective syncing between tools

Learn more about Segments

Hull Segmentation Tool

Preview segments as-you-type


No more waiting around. Hull’s segmentation tool works in real-time. Review and refine the exact eligible contacts as-you-type - it’s like Google Instant search for your customers.

Complete control over all your customer data

Map and sync data across connected tools

Control which elements of Profiles and which Segments to sync to all your tools through connector settings. Hull keeps all profiles and segments updated across all your connected tools automatically.

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Transform, enrich & cleanse customer data

Not all customer data is immediately useful in every tool. Transform that data using plain JavaScript in Processor. No limitations of tools and interfaces. Write all computed data back into Profiles.

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Control Clearbit data with our point-and-click integration

Select which Clearbit data (or any other data in Profiles) to sync to each tool. Manage your mapping inside the Hull Clearbit integration settings.

Whitelist segments to sync to Clearbit to enrich, reveal, and prospect automatically, or with seamless one-off manual syncs - Clearbit Batch without import-export pain.

It takes moments to setup Hull Integrations with Clearbit or any other tool.

Hull Integration settings

See how Hull's Clearbit integration works

Learn exactly how you can control your Clearbit data with Hull’s integration. View our Clearbit documentation.

Fork, extend and host our Clearbit integration yourself. All Hull integrations are open source. View the Clearbit integration repo here.

Sync Clearbit data across all your tools

Enrich, reveal, and prospect the entire customer journey automatically across all your tools with Hull. Combine Clearbit data with customer data from other tools and data enrichment sources to build a complete picture of every lead, customer, and account.

Then, use all your data together to scale, personalize, and orchestrate your customer experience at every touchpoint.

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Explore how Hull can integrate Clearbit data

Buy Hull + Clearbit together

With Clearbit's data and Hull's customer data platform and whiteglove onboarding, most Hull customers depend on one or more Clearbit APIs to enrich all their tools.

Now, it's even more seamless. We've teamed up with the team at Clearbit to offer a combined Hull + Clearbit all-in-one package for new customers to get started even faster.

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