One HubSpot integration to power them all

Sync data between HubSpot Contacts & Lists, and all your other tools through Hull's customer data platform.

Customer data platform for data-driven HubSpot teams

Unify customer profiles

Combine all your data from all your tools and databases on every lead, customer, and account into Profiles.

Segment with all your data

Use limitless combinations of your customer data to create email lists, ad audiences, qualified leads, and more with Segments.

Sync across all your tools

Share and update the same segments and profiles across all your tools with Integrations. No tools or teams stuck with incomplete, messy, “dead data”.

Put HubSpot’s biggest and best features on steroids

HubSpot Contacts

Fill in the blanks and capture the entire customer journey in your HubSpot Contacts. Pull in all your data from your other tools through Hull's Profiles to give your teams the complete context on each contact in HubSpot.

HubSpot Companies

Complete your HubSpot Companies views. Update HubSpot with all the data about any employee or company data from any of your tools through Hull Account Profiles so you can intelligently engage each account.

HubSpot Lists

Send more precise messages without repetitive export-import pain. Create and update HubSpot Lists with real-time segmentation. Build Hull Segments with data from any of your tools, and have them automatically refreshed everywhere.

HubSpot Templates & Smart Content

Take your Smart Content beyond Hi "{firstname}!". Personalize your HubSpot email, call to action, and webpages templates with real-time data from other tools through Hull.

HubSpot Workflows

Create smarter sales and marketing automation workflows. Trigger and update your HubSpot workflows in HubSpot with more real-time data from Hull Profiles and Hull Segments. Hull reacts to any new data anywhere, and updates all connected tools.

HubSpot Analytics & Reports

Draw smarter insights easier. Enrich HubSpot with data from all your tools through Hull's Profiles, then build more precise reports from the full picture on each lead, customer, and company.

Use your HubSpot data across all your tools in real-time

HubSpot Forms

Capture data from your HubSpot forms, and sync through to your other tools in real-time.

HubSpot Emails

Sync engagement with your HubSpot Emails in Hull Profiles. Use email opened, clicked and replied events from sales and marketing emails to trigger updates in your other tools.

Gather your target contacts from HubSpot and beyond

HubSpot Contacts, Lists & Companies

Create and update Contacts & Lists in HubSpot with data from all your sales & marketing tools and databases through Hull.

Capture data from any tool & databases

Use Hull's own tool integrations and data sources to enrich customer profiles with data from SQL databases, Salesforce, any webhook, any 3rd party API, and more.

Unify all your customer data into one profile

Create the complete picture around each lead, customer, and account. Unify data from all your sales and marketing tools into Hull's central customer database.

Hull creates one unified customer profile for each person and account. Smart, secure, automated identity resolution matches together different elements of the customer journey from different data sources.

Profiles feature every attribute and trait about a person, everything they've ever done, and ever data change and update ever according to every connected data source - ever.

Learn more about Profiles

Create precise, real-time HubSpot Lists

Use all your HubSpot data along with data from all your other tools in Profiles to build segments in real-time.

Use limitless combinations of filters in Hull's segmentation tool to precisely group leads and customers.

  • Lead qualification
  • Email lists
  • Ad audiences
  • HubSpot Workflows
  • Smart Content filters
  • Selective syncing between tools

Learn more about Segments

Hull Segmentation Tool

Powerful features to control your data in HubSpot

Map and sync data across connected tools

Control which elements of Profiles and which Segments to sync to all your tools through connector settings. Hull keeps all profiles and segments updated across all your connected tools automatically.

Learn about Integrations

Transform, enrich & cleanse customer data

Not all customer data is immediately useful in every tool. Transform that data using plain JavaScript in Processor. No limitations of tools and interfaces. Write all computed data back into Profiles.

Learn about Processor

Complete control over your HubSpot data integration

Select segments, traits, and events to sync from Hull Profiles to HubSpot.

Hull updates each tool with every updated profile or segment automatically, or with one-off manual syncs to backfill data. Each update is synced in real-time to each connected integration. It takes moments to setup Hull Integrations with HubSpot or any other tool.

Hull Integration settings

HubSpot API limits

Unless you have exceptions, HubSpot limits API limits to 40,000 calls per day and 10 calls per second. Hull uses intelligent batching and smoothing of requests to process large volumes of data quickly without service delays and incomplete data.

HubSpot selective sync

Use Hull Segments to group profiles together. Then, use Hull Integration settings to select which segments you want to sync to HubSpot. Hull keeps just those profiles in sync.

HubSpot field mapping

Configure which fields to sync to and from HubSpot in Hull’s integration settings. Spare your HubSpot Contacts and Companies from being the source of everything. Store everything in Hull’s unlimited, unconstrained profiles then choose what data to sync to HubSpot

HubSpot sync frequency

Hull updates with HubSpot whenever there’s new data in a Hull Profile, or new users in a Hull Segment that is configured to be synced with HubSpot. These refresh constantly and automatically. Even under heavy strain, your data will be in HubSpot within a few minutes. You can also upgrade to Hull Fastlane to bring accelerated computation and sync to real-time.

See how Hull’s HubSpot integration works

Learn exactly how you can control your HubSpot data with Hull’s integration. View our HubSpot documentation.

Fork, extend and host our HubSpot integration youself. All Hull integrations are open source. View the HubSpot integration repo here.

Unify data in HubSpot with all your tools


More than just a HubSpot integration

Hull sits at the centre of your sales and marketing stack.

Design and deliver the data behind the perfect, personal customer experience. Sync all your teams favorite tools together. Align every team with the full context on each lead, customer, and account.

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Break & sync your customer data silos with Hull

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