Real-time customer data integration across all your tools

Share real-time refreshed Profiles and Segments from Hull everywhere after every update

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Control what data goes where

Hull Integration settings

Select segments, attributes, and events to sync from Hull Profiles to each connected tool.

Hull updates each tool with every updated profile or segment automatically, or with one-off manual syncs to backfill data. Each update is synced in real-time to each connected integration. It takes moments to setup Hull Integrations.

For Developers

Build and extend Hull integrations

Every Hull integration is open source and available in our GitHub org here. Build using node and express.js - you don't need a database.

Their architecture is very simple, straightforward and anyone can fork one of them to tweak their behaviour to their exact needs.

At the same time, all the complexity of scaling integrations and managing logs is handled by the Hull platform. It is simple replicate and build new connectors.

Read our Hull Integration API documentation

Reliable integrations at any scale

We saved over $15,000 on Salesforce API calls and storage with Hull. We can control the data and only pass the fields and contacts which matter most to us. So it’s very cost efficient. It was a good surprise!

Thomas Plaindoux, Data Operations Manager at Mention

At any volume, Hull Integrations smooth out big blasts of data, respect rate limits within each tool’s API, and only syncing data out if there’s an update. Minimize infrastructure spend by radically reducing API calls and storage in end tools.

Transparency over all customer data flows

Hull Logs

Hull monitors and reports on service status of each connected API, and retries sending data if there’s a temporary sync error.

View notifications on service errors, logs of all data changes, and service status from Hull dashboard.


Sync to your favorite sales and marketing tools

Orchestrate your entire customer journey through Hull. Sync profiles, accounts, and segments to all your tools, and keep them updated automatically.

You can still export as a CSV

Plain old CSV extracts are still possible. Simply select the segment and fields you want, and your email address.

Advanced methods to sync data out

Sync to any external API

Pass all updates through Hull Processor, and PUSH to any external API.

Publish updates through webhooks and more

Publish updates to Hull Profiles and Hull Segments as webhooks, JSON extracts and through Hull's API.

Hull Browser

Push data from Hull into the page. Power web personalization and trigger live chat to select audiences of web visitors.

Align every tool, team, and touchpoint

Sync profile and segment data across every customer-facing tool. Orchestrate a consistent, personal experience with every person and every interaction. No tool or team left behind.

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Break & sync your customer data silos with Hull

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