Integrate HubSpot & Outreach Align your marketing and sales efforts with real-time, 2-way synchronization between HubSpot and Outreach

Hull’s customer data platform lets you seamlessly share data between HubSpot and Outreach so your sales and marketing teams can be equipped with the right information at the right time to drive results.

With Hull, HubSpot, and Outreach, you can

Drive better sales and marketing alignment

Automate and operationalize data sharing

Optimize campaigns and communications with personalization

Built for the mid-market, B2B organization

Marketing and Marketing Ops

  • Streamline lead hand-offs
  • Gain visibility into sales efforts and activity
  • Save time with automation

Sales and Sales Ops

  • Prioritize higher quality leads
  • Add more personalization to your conversations
  • Save time with automation

Data Engineering

  • Save time by offloading designing, building, and integrating data sources (No development required on your end!)
  • Consolidate domain knowledge by working with one tool instead of understanding the nuances of many different tools
  • Automate tasks at scale

How it works

Hull connects to your technology stack, and allows you to take various actions on the data from both systems.

1 - Connect

Connect your HubSpot and Outreach accounts to Hull.

2 - Map & Unify

Map your HubSpot and Outreach fields together in Hull, and create rules for how you want objects to sync. Watch the data flow seamlessly between the applications, just the way you intended it to.

3 - Orchestrate

Start taking action! Selectively add prospects to Outreach, personalize your emails, and create triggers and segments using data from both systems.

Want to integrate more data sources together?

No problem! Hull really shines when you integrate multiple tools.


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