Trigger Slack notifications & search with Mailchimp data

Stream the latest data from Mailchimp Contacts & Lists into Hull. Then trigger notifications in Slack with whitelisted events and segments from Hull.

Gather your target contacts from Mailchimp and beyond

Mailchimp Contacts & Segments

Create and update Contacts & Segments in Mailchimp with data from all your sales & marketing tools and databases through Hull.

Capture data from any tool & databases

Use Hull's own tool integrations and data sources to enrich customer profiles with data from SQL databases, Salesforce, any webhook, any 3rd party API, and more.

Sync data to Slack through Hull's customer data platform

Notify your Slack channels about leads and customers

Build awareness and seize new opportunities without your teams having to log in anywhere new. Let the data and insights come to you.

Get notifications to Slack channels when people enter or leave segments you’ve created like Demo Requests, or when they trigger certain events with different user actions.

Popular Slack team notifications include:

  • Demo requests
  • New paid subscriptions
  • Target account signup
  • Customer churn
  • Downtime alerts

Control what customer data you see in Slack

Choose what data gets synced to Slack with each notification and search query. Select the fields to sync, and segments or events to trigger notifications within the Slack integration settings.

Hull updates each tool with every updated profile or segment automatically. Each update is synced in real-time to each connected integration.

It takes moments to setup Hull Integrations with Slack or any other tool.

Hull Integration settings

Search for leads and customers from Slack

No more hunting around in different tools for the full story on each lead and customer.

With Hull for Slack, bring their profile to you on demand.

Enter a query like @hull to return their complete customer profile inside of Slack. Dig down further into profiles with buttons to fetch more data too, and links to the complete Hull Profile at the top.

Trigger actions in other tools from Slack

Add buttons to each profile inside of Slack to trigger additional actions on each person’s profile.

Click to update values in Hull Profiles, then use this to power segments and workflows in all your other tools.

Explore our Mailchimp & Slack integrations


Learn how Hull integrates with Mailchimp Contacts & Lists in our overview page, documentation, and open source integration.


Learn how Hull integrates with Slack channels and users in our overview page, documentation, and open source integration.

Break & sync your customer data silos with Hull

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