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Elevate your marketing campaigns with Hull’s Marketo Connector

Sync Marketo Lead and Activity data with your Hull organization.

Hull’s native Marketo integration enables you to build granular segments, execute personalized marketing campaigns, and optimize conversions throughout the funnel.

Build granular segments for personalized email campaigns

Use Hull’s Segment builder to create specific audiences with data from multiple tools. Execute your Marketo email campaigns based on those segments to optimize conversions and engage leads.

Send and sync data in real-time

Hull’s real-time synchronization keeps data from Hull aligned with Marketo Leads & Activities so there’s no questioning which record is the most up-to-date.

Control and manage data flows

Let the Hull Marketo Connector give you the flexibility and control you need. Select certain Hull Segments to sync with Marketo instead of syncing everyone in your Marketo database, if you prefer.

Sync your Marketo objects with Hull

Data Object Hull Marketo
People Users Leads
Events Events Activities

Hull's Marketo data mapping enables you to sync User attributes with Marketo default and custom Lead fields.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hull’s Marketo Connector enable bi-directional syncing?

Yes, the Connector allows you to fetch User Attributes and Events from Marketo as well as push User Attributes to Marketo.

Which objects does the integration support?

Hull’s Marketo Connector supports Leads (Users) and Email Activities (Events).

Can I select which Users and Accounts get synced to Marketo?

Of course! With all of Hull’s integrations, you can control the data flow by whitelisting specific User Segments, allowing only those Users to be synced.

Can I update or overwrite data in Marketo?

In the Connector Settings, you can determine whether or not you would like Hull to overwrite specific Marketo fields.

Do I need a developer to set up my Marketo Connector?

No, you will likely not need a developer to set up your Marketo Connector.