Create advanced Optimizely Audiences in real-time

Build Optimizely Audiences with data from all your tools in real-time through Hull's customer data platform

Fast, flexible way to build Optimizely audiences

Unify customer profiles

Combine all your data from all your tools and databases on every lead, customer, and account into Profiles.

Segment with all your data

Use limitless combinations of your customer data to create email lists, ad audiences, qualified leads, and more with Segments.

Sync audiences anywhere

Whitelist & sync segments from Hull to create audiences in your connected tools. Hull refreshes audiences automatically with every update.

Unify all your customer data into one profile

Create the complete picture around each lead, customer, and account. Unify data from all your sales and marketing tools into Hull's central customer database.

Hull creates one unified customer profile for each person and account. Smart, secure, automated identity resolution matches together different elements of the customer journey from different data sources.

Profiles feature every attribute and trait about a person, everything they've ever done, and ever data change and update ever according to every connected data source - ever.

Learn more about Profiles

Choose from any customer data in Hull to build segments

Hull's unified customer profiles and database give you the complete choice to build any segment you can imagine.

Search and pick any data in Hull from Profiles to create precise segments. There's no limit to the complexity or type of data you can use.

Learn more about Profiles

Create precise Optimizely audiences

Control your web and customer experience with hyper-targeted audiences.

Use all your data from all your tools and databases in real-time. Enrich visitor, lead, and customer profiles and create precise segments with product usage, 3rd party enrichment, email engagement, firmographics, and more.

Use limitless combinations of filters in Hull's segmentation tool to precisely target your ads with all the data in Hull.

Using Hull Fastlane and Hull.js, your data can be synced into Optimizely fast enough to personalize the in-page experience.

Hull Segmentation Tool

Preview segments as-you-type


No more waiting around. Hull’s segmentation tool works in real-time. Review and refine the exact eligible contacts as-you-type - it’s like Google Instant search for your customers.

Powerful features to create better test audiences

Data enrichment

Enrich tools with data from your backend SQL database, any webhook, any API, your favorite data enrichment providers, and more with Hull's data enrichment features.

Hull Processor

Transform, enrich, and cleanse any customer data with plain JavaScript in Processor - the real-time data editing environment on Hull.

Two-way integrations

Sync data between all your tools with Hull's Integrations. Sync in real-time with Hull Fastlane and with the page using Hull.js & Hull Browser.

Complete control over your Optimizely audiences data

Select segments to sync as audiences with Hull Integrations simple point-and-click interface.

See your Hull Segments inside Optimizely under Audience Targeting in your experiment builder. Allocate your traffic 0-to-100% as usual, and presto! Hull can power your audiences inside Optimizely.

Hull Integration settings

See how Hull's Optimizely integration works

Learn exactly how you can control your Optimizely Audiences data with Hull’s integration. View our Optimizely documentation.

Fork, extend and host our Optimizely integration. All Hull integrations are open source. Fork, extend, and host your integrations yourself. View the Optimizely integration repo here.

More than just an Optimizely audiences builder

Hull sits at the centre of your sales and marketing stack.

Design and deliver the data behind the perfect, personal customer experience. Sync all your teams favorite tools together. Align every team with the full context on each lead, customer, and account.

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Break & sync your customer data silos with Hull

Busy teams from Segment, Drift, Mention, and more discovered how Hull worked for them with a personalized demo. Schedule yours today.

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