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Close more deals faster with Hull’s Pipedrive Connector

Sync Pipedrive Persons and Organization data with your Hull organization.

Hull’s native Pipedrive integration enables a seamless, two-way sync between your CRM and Hull. With Hull as your central repository for customer data, sync your data from Pipedrive with your other SaaS tools and empower your sales teams to close more deals faster with better data.

Enrich your CRM with meaningful data

Let Hull update your CRM with key information that may be living in other tools. Fill your records with data from your marketing automation tool, your data enrichment vendor, your data warehouse, and more.

Send and sync data in real-time

Hull’s real-time synchronization keeps data from Hull aligned with Pipedrive Persons and Organizations so there’s no questioning which record is the most up-to-date.

Control and manage data flows

Let the Hull Pipedrive Connector give you the flexibility and control you need. Select certain Hull Segments to sync with Pipedrive instead of syncing everyone in your Pipedrive database, if you prefer.


Data Object Hull Pipedrive
People Users Persons
Companies Accounts Organizations

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hull’s Pipedrive Connector enable bi-directional syncing?

Yes, the connector allows you to fetch user attributes and events as well as sending users attributes

Which objects does the integration support?

Hull’s Pipedrive Connector supports Persons (Users) and Organizations (Accounts).

Can I select which Users get synced to Pipedrive?

Of course! With all of Hull’s integrations, you can control the data flow by whitelisting specific User Segments, allowing only those Users to be synced.

Can I update or overwrite data in Pipedrive?

In the Connector Settings, you can determine whether or not you would like Hull to overwrite specific Pipedrive fields.

Do I need a developer to set up my Pipedrive Connector?

No, you will likely not need a developer to set up your Pipedrive Connector.