From data to insights

Hull enables you to track all of your customer events and interactions with your company — from anonymous visitor all the way to closed won and beyond. Now, with our Postgres integration, you can apply advanced analytics to the data you’ve captured to gain unparalleled insight on buyer behavior, marketing channel performance, and more.

Analyze the customer journey

Seamlessly send customer attribute and events from Hull into Postgres and make informed deductions on what campaigns and interactions really made an impact.

Elevate marketing reporting and analysis

Layer your business intelligence tool over your Postgres database and build dashboards to visualize marketing campaign performance.

Make data-driven decisions

Start making decisions backed by data and get buy-in for new campaigns and programs.

Axelle Heems

Growth Ops, Gorgias
The biggest benefit in using Hull is the accurate (and easy) segmentation of users and accounts, that can then be populated everywhere. It increases data accuracy when doing analyses and overall simplifies the usage of other tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hull’s Postgres integration bi-directional?

Today, our Postgres integration allows you to push data from Hull into Postgres. However, you can pull data into Postgres using our SQL integration.

Which objects does the integration support?

Hull’s Postgres integration supports Users, Accounts, and Events.

Can I select which Users and Accounts get synced to my Postgres data warehouse?

Of course! With all of Hull’s integrations, you can control the data flow by whitelisting specific User and Account Segments, allowing only those Users and Accounts to be synced.

Can I update data in an existing database with the Postgres connector?

Our connector will synchronize data inside new User, Account, and Event tables. It will not update or change existing data in your database. For instance, you can not perform UPSERT operations.

Do I need a developer to set up my Postgres connector?

Most set up can be completed without developers. Gathering information needed for setup may require help from your development team.

Hull to PostgreSQL Mapping

Hull Object Sent to PostgreSQL as Description
User user

Send the Users to a new table inside your data warehouse

Accounts accounts

Send the Accounts to a new table inside your data warehouse

Events events

Send User events to a new table inside your data warehouse

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