Build unified customer profiles

Hull unifies data from Salesforce and other first, second, and third party data sources to create a 360° view of your Contacts and Companies. When your data is centralized, you've just taken the first step in operationalizing processes with automation and improving sales effectiveness.

Improve data quality

Hull gives you complete control over your data so you can take the appropriate steps to make sure it's clean, reliable, and of the highest quality. Know a bit of Javascript? Use our powerful Processor to write rules for transforming your data.

Fine-tune your data flows

Hull not only lets you control what your data looks like, but also where it ends up. While other platforms force you to sync every Salesforce Lead, Contact and Account, which can drive costs up and muddy your databases, Hull Segments allow you to refine your data flows and selectively sync your data.

Keep teams aligned

With Hull's Salesforce integration, marketing and sales operations teams can ensure their respective departments are seamlessly moving in the same direction. When the data is in-sync and aligned, teams are too.

Simplify data integration with Hull

Instead of creating one-to-one data integrations, which can be unreliable and difficult to manage, Hull's customer data platform unifies your data in a central repository. Streamline operations and take control of your data.

data integration

We'll do what it takes.

Data integration is no easy task, but the good news is, you don't need to go at it alone! Our data integration experts not only have the expertise required to get your project off the ground, they have the passion and dedication to make sure you're successful long after your initial implementation.

Thomas Plaindoux

Data Operations Manager,
"Hundreds hours of work worth [thousands of dollars] saved by centralizing the data modeling into Hull rather than having to replicate the model to each single integration. With Hull, we can control the data and only pass the fields and contacts which matter most to us. So it’s very cost efficient. It was a good surprise!"

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hull’s Salesforce integration enable bi-directional syncing?

Yes, all of our integrations give you fine-tuned control over what data gets synced, updated, or overwritten. You can update Hull Users and Accounts when changes are made in Salesforce Lead, Contact, and Account records, and conversely, changes to Users and Accounts made within Hull will update Salesforce.

Can I select which Users and Accounts get synced to Salesforce?

Of course! With all of Hull’s integrations, you can control the data flow by whitelisting specific User and Account segments, allowing only those Users and Accounts to be synced.

Can I update or overwrite data in Salesforce?

In the Connector Settings, you can determine whether or not you would like Hull to overwrite specific Salesforce fields.

Do I need a developer to set up my Salesforce Connector?

No, you will likely not need a developer to set up your Salesforce Connector.

Salesforce to Hull Mapping

Salesforce Object Captured in Hull as Description

A Contact from Salesforce will be created as a User in Hull. The fields on the Lead will be ingested as salesforce_contact attributes on the User in Hull.


A Lead from Salesforce will be created as a User in Hull. The fields on the Lead will be ingested as salesforce_lead attributes on the User in Hull.


An Account from Salesforce will be created as an Account in Hull. The fields on the Account will be ingested as salesforce attributes on the Account in Hull.

Hull to Salesforce Mapping

Hull Object Sent to Salesforce as Description
User Contact

Select the segments of Users you want to sync as Contacts.

User Lead

Select the segments of Users you want to sync as Leads.

Account Account

Select the segments of Accounts you want to sync as Accounts in Salesforce.

User Event Task

Push an event in Hull as a Task in Salesforce.

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