Filter, transform, and sync data from Segment to Intercom

Transform, enrich, segment, and sync customer data tracked through Segment to Intercom Leads, Users, Conversations & Segments through Hull's unified customer profiles

Capture customer data from all your sources

Capture data from any tool & databases

Use Hull's own tool integrations and data sources to enrich customer profiles with data from SQL databases, Salesforce, any webhook, any 3rd party API, and more.

Track leads & customers with Segment

Capture data from Segment Identify Track Page Group from your website and product tracking, then send to Hull as a Destination.

Unify all your customer data into one profile

Create the complete picture around each lead, customer, and account. Unify data from all your sales and marketing tools into Hull's central customer database.

Hull creates one unified customer profile for each person and account. Smart, secure, automated identity resolution matches together different elements of the customer journey from different data sources.

Profiles feature every attribute and trait about a person, everything they've ever done, and ever data change and update ever according to every connected data source - ever.

Learn more about Profiles

Segment your Segment data in real-time

Query and segment your entire customer database in real-time with Hull's segmentation tool. Use limitless combinations of precise filters using any attribute or event in Hull to create the audiences you need. No waiting around - preview the real users in each segment as-you-type.

How use Hull's segmentation tool

Segment's teams use Hull to filter users synced between tools.

  • Control data flows between tools (e.g. to Clearbit Enrichment)
  • Create precise account-based retargeting audiences
  • Synchronize segments across tools for omnichannel marketing

Learn about Hull's segmentation tool

Hull Segmentation Tool

Complete control over all your customer data

Complete control over your Intercom data integration

Select segments, traits, and events to sync between Hull's Profiles to Intercom.

Hull updates each tool with every updated profile or segment automatically, or with one-off manual syncs to backfill data. Each update is synced in real-time to each connected integration. It takes moments to setup Hull Integrations with Intercom or any other tool.

Hull Integration settings

Explore our Segment & Intercom integrations


Learn how Hull integrates with Segment Identify, Track, Page & Group as a Source and Destination in our overview page, documentation, and open source integration.


Learn how Hull integrates with Intercom Users, Leads, and Segments in our overview page, documentation, and open source integration.

Break & sync your customer data silos with Hull

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