Hull + Segment

Use tracking data to compute scoring rules

Capture Segment's calls like track, page, screen as events inside Hull. This behavioral data on the User can be used to compute a score attribute on the User level based on these Segment's events.

Enrich leads sign-ups tracked via Segment using Segment and Clearbit connector

Capture attributes on a lead via a sign-up form on your website by capturing identify calls on a User using the Segment connector. Use our Clearbit connector to enrich the User based on his email address and get 85 more data points like clearbit/metrics_raised , clearbit/logo, clearbit/employment_title

Push unified data out to Segment and any of its Destinations

Some of Segment Destinations are not supported by Hull as native connectors. If you still want to push attributes and events to these tools, you can push them to Segment via the Outgoing Users section of the Segment connector. In Segment, it will automatically sync to your connected Destinations.

What is Hull?


Unify first, second, and third party data sources to build complete User and Account profiles. Hull integrates natively with many popular SaaS tools.

Transform & Sync

Clean, transform, and sync data across applications to keep tools up-to-date and teams aligned. Share data between popular SaaS applications.


Hull provides you with data that is timely, contextual, and relevant to your buyers so that you can create unique, personalized experiences for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Hull’s Segment Connector enable bi-directional syncing?

Yes, the Connector allows you to fetch Identify, Track, Group, Page and Screen calls . And it also allows you to push User attributes, Account attributes and Events as Identify, Group and Track calls

  • Can I select which Users and Accounts get synced to Segment?

Of course! With all of Hull’s integrations, you can control the data flow by whitelisting specific User and Account Segments, allowing only those Users and Accounts to be synced. You can also select the list of attributes that you want to sync.

  • Can I control the Segment calls to ingest inside Hull?

Yes you can! You have toggle buttons on Page calls, Screen calls, and Group calls to activate or deactivate them in Hull.

Segment to Hull Mapping

Segment Object Captured in Hull as Description
Identify call

All attributes received from Segment

Group call

All attributes received from Segment

Track call
User Event

Every Event Context and Properties received from Segment

Page Call
User Event

Every Event Context and Properties received from Segment

Screen call
User Event

Every Event Context and Properties received from Segment

Hull to Segment Mapping

Hull Object Sent to Segment as Description
User Identify Call

Select which Users and which Attributes to send.

Account Group Call

Select which Accounts and which attributes to send.

User Event Track Call

Configurable list of User events to send

About Segment

Segment allows to collect customer data from your mobile app, website, cloud app and other sources to send them to destinations

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