Real-time customer database & data processing for Segment

Transform, enrich, segment & sync customer data from Segment and beyond

Segment Destination Hull

Hull is a customer database, updating in real-time

Single customer view

Unify data about every lead, customer & company from all your tools, tracking & databases into Profiles - the single source of truth.

Unlimited Segmentation

Use any combination of attributes, events & event properties from different sources to query & segment both people & companies with Segments.

2-way sync in real-time

Map filter, filter segments & stream every update about people, companies & segments two-way between all your team’s tools with Integrations and more.

Stream Segment data into Hull

Setup Hull as Segment Destination in your Segment Workspace.

  • See single view of each person and company in Hull
  • Create and update Hull Users with Segment Identify calls
  • See a timeline of Track, Page, and Screen calls as Hull Users Events
  • Update Hull Accounts with Group calls

Filter data flows from Segment

Add filters and mapping to your Segment data in Hull instead of sending everything everywhere

  • Create precise segments from all your data in Hull
  • Use Hull Segments to filter and control data enrichment
  • Selectively sync Users and Accounts to all your tools
  • Map fields and filter events to sync to other tools

Combine Segment data with other data sources

Fetch data from other data sources outside of Segment, and unify all your customer data together in Hull.

Solve hard data integration problems

Compute new attributes and events from all of your data in Hull using Processor - the real-time editing environment for all your customer data. Write plain JavaScript to:

  • Cleanse & normalize data
  • Define fallback strategies for prioritizing data sources
  • Compute custom lead scoring & signals
  • Customize your identity resolution strategy
  • Build multi-touch attribution models
  • Transform data without limitations
Explore Hull Processor

Sync data from Hull back to Segment

Map and sync any data, two-ways between Hull to all your tools in real-time, including Segment.

Hull intelligently manages backpressure, emits updates only when changes are detected, and micro-batches updates to avoid overwhelming your end services.

  • Setup Hull as a Segment Source in a few clicks
  • Sync data from Hull data sources like SQL, webhooks & any API
  • Filter the data to be synced back to Segment
  • Setup Segment Destinations to forward Hull data to
Explore Hull's integrations

Data engineering tools for marketing ops

Hull's customer data platform gives your data engineers a complete toolset to unify, transform, segment & sync data across all your tools real-time.

Gautier Husson

I can’t remember what my job was like before Hull. When things work in Hull, I can go back home.

Flexible platform for customer data engineering

Transform data in real-time

Write plain JavaScript to cleanse, transform & enrich in Processor.

Open Source Connectors

Fork, host & extend Hull’s collection of connectors on GitHub.

Build your own connectors

Integrate new tools with ease using Hull’s NodeJS libraries.

Filter & transform data between Segment and all your tools

More than a one-way ETL tool

Hull sits at the heart of your marketing tech stack. Unify, transform, segment, and sync customer data two-ways across all your tools and teams in real-time from one platform.

  • Make Hull your single source of truth
  • Automatically build a single customer view
  • Cross-enrich all your tools & databases
  • Orchestrate 1:1 personalized experiences
  • Align your teams around your customer data
Explore Hull's customer data platform

Hull or Segment? Compare our customer data platforms

Compare Hull's customer data platform with Segment's new Personas product.

Compare Hull's customer data platform to Segment's tracking & ETL tools.

Break & sync your customer data silos with Hull

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