Hull + Slack

Send notifications in Slack triggered by events in Hull

Hull's Slack connector allows sending notifications in a channel or private message in Slack. Notifications are triggered by events captured in Hull on Users or events like Enters a Segment, Leaves a Segment on Users and Accounts.

Customize your messages

Use the Liquid language to customize the notifications messages you are sending. It is easy and flexible to use.

Better convert your leads by reaching out ASAP

Send notifications in a Slack channel shared by salespeople to ping them whenever a new sign-up event has been fired on the website.

Hubspot + Hull

Build unified customer profiles

Hull unifies data from HubSpot and other first, second, and third party data sources to create a 360° view of your customers.

Create or Update your Contacts and Companies in Hull

Automatically create and update in real-time fields inside Hubspot based on the changes on attributes captured by Hull from all your stack. This will allow your marketing and salespeople to stay up-to-date on their Contacts and Companies.


Filter out the Users and Accounts you want to sync by whitelisting segments of Users and Accounts in the Hubspot connector. This will allow you to reduce the number of Contacts inside Hubspot.

Frequently asked questions

  • Does Hull’s Slack Connector enable bi-directional syncing?

No it does not. The Connector allows sending messages based on triggers in Hull. If you want to send data from Slack to Hull, you can use our Zapier connector.

  • Can I filter which Users and Accounts get synced to Slack?

Yes! You can choose to remove some Users and Accounts from notifications by selecting Segments of Users and Accounts on which to apply the trigger

  • Do I need a developer to set up my Slack Connector?

No, the Slack Connector is very simple to configure and use.

Hull to Slack Mapping

Hull Object Sent to Slack as Description
Account New Slack Message

Account Entered Segment trigger

Account New Slack Message

Account Left Segment trigger

User New Slack Message

User Entered Segment trigger

User New Slack Message

User Left Segment trigger

New Slack Message

New User Event in Hull

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