Sync customer data from your SQL database to all your tools

Fetch product usage, legacy data, and other siloed SQL customer data, and sync to all your tools through Hull.

Hull SQL Importer

Import & integrate backend data without additional engineering

Fetch data from your SQL database

Install the SQL Importer in Hull and connect your database. Hull can query your database for updates as often as you like (every 3 hours by default). Each query will be displayed in the list of jobs.

Hull will write your SQL data into Profiles as Users, Accounts, Attributes, and Events to map and sync to all your tools.

Fork, extend, and host the SQL Importer yourself. All Hull integrations are open source. View the SQL Importer repo on GitHub.

View our SQL Importer documentation

Update all your sales and marketing tools with your SQL data

Break & sync your customer data silos with Hull

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