Web Personalization

Trigger live chat, personalize your website & enrich your ad audiences with Hull data streamed into the Browser

How Hull works

Send notifications in Slack triggered by events in Hull

Hull's Slack connector allows sending notifications in a channel or private message in Slack. Notifications are triggered by events captured in Hull on Users or events like Enters a Segment, Leaves a Segment on Users and Accounts.

Customize your messages

Use the Liquid language to customize the notifications messages you are sending. It is easy and flexible to use.

Better convert your leads by reaching out ASAP

Send notifications in a Slack channel shared by salespeople to ping them whenever a new sign-up event has been fired on the website.

Map & sync customer data into the browser

Sync any data in Hull into the Browser in real-time in the Hull Browser Connector settings.

  • Select User & Account Segments to be sent to the Browser
  • Filter which attributes will be included from Hull
  • Define which domains that can access the data

Identify website visitors & personalize content

With Hull.js, Hull Browser & the Hull platform’s identity resolution, you can fetch and bring valuable context to and from the web page in one roundtrip to Hull.

  • Use reverse IP lookup to identify the companies browsing your website
  • Trigger & personalize live chat tools like Drift
  • Personalize elements of your website
  • Enrich your ad audiences and pixelling
  • Trigger events in other client-side tools
Explore Hull.js

Data engineering tools for marketing ops

Hull's customer data platform gives your data engineers a complete toolset to unify, transform, segment & sync data across all your tools real-time.

Gautier Husson

I can’t remember what my job was like before Hull. When things work in Hull, I can go back home.

Flexible platform for customer data engineering

Transform data in real-time

Write plain JavaScript to cleanse, transform & enrich in Processor.

Open Source Connectors

Fork, host & extend Hull’s collection of connectors on GitHub.

Build your own connectors

Integrate new tools with ease using Hull’s NodeJS libraries.

Orchestrate all your tools, teams & data with Hull

Hull sits at the heart of your marketing tech stack. Unify, transform, segment, and sync customer data across all your tools and teams from one customer data platform.

Unified customer profiles to capture & show everything about each person & company.

Processor to transform your customer data in any way, in real-time.

Segmentation tool to query your entire customer database, compute segments & filter data flows in real-time.

Integrations to map, filter & sync customer data across all your tools & databases.

Explore Hull's customer data platform