Lead qualificationConnect to all your lead sources, then enrich, score & pre-qualify leads before syncing only best-fit, sales-ready leads to your CRM.

Use Hull to automate lead qualification

How do you make sure your sales reps are talking with the right leads?

How do you make sure sales trust & take action on leads from marketing?

The playbook: Combine all your data about your leads to pre-qualify them before syncing just your best-fit leads to your sales reps.

Build it with Hull: Hull is a real-time customer data platform. Combine all your data into unified lead & account profiles, build segments to filter qualified leads, then sync them to your sales tools.

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First, capture all your sources of lead data

You can track & generate leads from many different sources. Connect to them all & aggregate into your lead management software.

Hull can connect to all your tools, tracking & databases with a variety of integration methods, and create a unified lead & account profile.

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Next, apply identity resolution

To associate data with a person (or company), you need an identifier such as Email or Domain.

In B2B, you also need to associate people and companies, including anonymous website visitors.

Hull has automated & secure identity resolution for people (Users) and companies (Accounts). Learn more in our documentation.

Hull uses identity resolution to combine data into unified customer & unified account profiles.

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Enrich & score your leads to identity fit

Sync your leads to a data enrichment or lead scoring tools, and append the results to their unified lead & account profiles.

With this data, you can filter out unqualified leads and sync additional contextual data to your sales tools.

Hull can integrate with your data enrichment & lead scoring tools to identify fit. Create a segment of leads to whitelist for for syncing to your enrichment & scoring tools. You can even write your own custom lead scoring model with Hull Processor.

The returned data is added to your User & Account profiles to build segments & map to other tools.

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Build segments to pre-qualify your leads for sales

Use segments to group together your best-fit, sales ready leads to sync your CRM, and other leads to sync to marketing nurture campaigns. Use

  • Known contact details (like email and domain)
  • Enriched profile data (like job title, location & employee_count)
  • Lead scores & signals
  • Past actions on your website or in your product via analytics tools or databases.

With Hull, you can build precise segments from all and any of your data, including User & Account attributes and events.

Hull Segments refresh & update in real-time. Segments are used to whitelist which Users & Accounts are synced to your end tools, like your qualified leads.

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Sync qualified leads to your CRM & sales tools

With your best-fit, sales-ready leads identified, you can sync to your sales team & tools for them to take action. Map all the fields they need to have the complete context on why a lead was pre-qualified for them.

Hull integrations let you map fields, whitelist segments of qualified leads, and setup real-time sync with your CRM and team communication tools like Slack

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Getting started with data-driven lead qualification

Customer data integration can be complex with many moving parts — tools, teams & data. Follow our Guide to Getting Started with Customer Data Integration.

Best practice: Don’t implement everything at once. Implement your data flows “brick-by-brick”.

Start your lead qualification project successfully:

  1. Pick one lead source to start (e.g. Demo requests)
  2. Pick one source of data enrichment (e.g. Clearbit)
  3. Pick one tool to sync qualified leads to (e.g. Salesforce)

With Hull, it’s easy to add additional lead sources, data enrichment sources, segments, rules & more later on. Start by implementing a complete lead qualification data flow end-to-end.

Ready to get started with your lead qualification project? Talk to an expert at Hull and book a demo.

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