Universal Lead Tracking

Record every click, form, email, chat, pageview & in-app action from all your tools, combine data into one unified lead profile, then sync to all your tools.

Lead management platform for your entire marketing stack

Unify lead profiles

Combine all data about your leads, customers & accounts from all your tools and databases into Profiles.

Enrich, score & qualify leads

Fill-in-the-blanks and score with data enrichment. Filter and qualify leads using all data with Segments.

Sync leads across tools

Share every lead, contact, and account across all your sales and marketing tools, with data from your unified lead profile and Hull's Integrations.

Track your leads engagement everywhere

Track website engagement

Use Hull.js, Segment or Intercom to track IP addresses, page views, events & tracking parameters.

Track clicks anywhere with URL shortener

Embed tracking parameters, drop pixels, record IP addresses & clicks to Hull Profiles with the URL shortener.

Track every form

Use Hull.js and Segment form tracking, or integrate with your form & marketing automation tools to capture every form fill.

Track every email

Use Integrations with email tools like Mailchimp, HubSpot, Intercom & Customer.io to capture opens, clicks, replies & more.

Track every live chat conversation

Use Integrations with live chat tools like Intercom to capture conversations, replies & more.

Track in-app engagement

Use Segment, Intercom, and backend SQL databases to capture your users actions within your product.

Unify engagement data into one lead profile

Hull is a central lead and customer database. Integrate all your sources of lead engagement with Hull through integrations, webhooks, SQL databases, the Hull API and more.

Hull creates one unified lead and customer profile for each person and account. Smart, secure, automated identity resolution matches together different elements of the buying journey from different data sources.

See the complete picture on each lead in real-time. Profiles feature every attribute and trait about a person, a timeline of everything they've ever done, and ever data change and update ever according to every connected data source - ever.

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Progressive profiling for every lead and visitor

Continue to build the complete picture of your leads throughout their buying journey. Hull works in real-time to combine new data into Profiles and record every update.

Seamlessly sync qualified leads to your CRM

Keep your CRM clean - free of junk leads and data.

Focus your sales team on the right leads. Qualify and whitelist leads to sync to your CRM like Salesforce and HubSpot.

Give sales the clues and conversations starters from data and interactions with different tools. Map just the data you need to fields there, to enable your sales reps to engage in conversation personally and effectively.

Manage all your leads everywhere

Hull is a complete lead management platform for data-driven marketers - it sits at the centre of your sales and marketing stack.

Combine and sync the complete picture on each lead across all your email, form, analytics & chat tools. Compute scores, segments & qualified leads, then sync across all your tools.

Design and deliver the data behind the perfectly personal customer experience, and enable your sales and marketing teams to thrive.

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Break and sync all your customer data silos with Hull

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