Product Qualified LeadsCapture all your product usage data, then compute scores, signals & segments in real-time to sync to your CRM

Product Qualified Leads: An Overview

Many software startups have self-service signup and sales teams. For those sales teams, it's hard to identify the best accounts to talk to.

The data for all this is typically captured and recorded as tables in your backend database, or as streams of events in your product analytics tools - not as notes in your sales CRM.

Product qualified leads or PQLs segment users by their activity in your app, and whether they're truly getting value using your product.

Combined with other data enrichment sources, product usage data can be transformed into CRM-friendly, sales rep-friendly insights to direct your sales team who to talk to, what to say, and when to take action.

You can setup Product Qualified Leads with Hull seamlessly:

  1. Gather sources of product usage data
  2. Score & translateproduct usage patterns
  3. Create a segment of product qualified leads
  4. Sync PQLs and insights to your sales CRM

Why Product Qualified Leads work

Sales teams are most efficient when they can stick to their choice tools. Without product usage data, there's no means for sales to distinguish between different users and accounts.

PQLs synthesize the data and insights sales reps need, and sync it to the tools your sales reps need. There, they can react how they best see fit.

Expected results

Many Hull customers are using Product Qualified Leads to drive significant results:

At the larger scale, PQLs have driven 30% increase in account value. Read our study of DigitalOcean in the Clearbit book.

Here's how you can set it up...

Gather all your product usage data in one place

Your user's actions get tracked and recorded in three types of places:

  1. Your backend database
  2. Product analytics
  3. In-app chat tools (with tracking)

Connect both these sources of data to Hull via Integrations (including the SQL Importer) and the Hull API.

Hull will create and update unified customer Profiles with your user actions. Each Profile features a timeline of every event and every update to the data record.

Score & translate product usage patterns into human-friendly insights

Streams of raw event data aren't useful for one-to-one outreach, even if aggregated around one person's profile. Instead, you need a summary of collections of recent actions.

There are two ways to do this:

  • Usage scores
  • Usage signals

Scoring converts sets values for specific actions, and updates a number. You can compute usage scores by syncing all factors to marketing automation tools or predictive lead scoring tools, or with plain JavaScript in Processor.

Summarize streams of events into human readable insights - think of them as conversation starters. Instead of skimming through events to see the number of invited users, you can see a "signal" of usage Invited users: 11.

Good predictive lead scoring tools provide both scores and signals. You can also compute signals with raw JavaScript in Processor - use any combination of events to create or update traits for each signal in Hull.

Playbook Combo: Universal Lead Scoring

Enrich user profiles to identify fit for sales

Not every highly engaged user (with high scores and matching signals) is a good fit for sales.

Using sources of data enrichment, you can fill-in-the-blanks and complete Profiles with the data you need to qualify leads for sales. Enrich Profiles with data like:

  • Company employee size
  • Company revenue
  • Job role
  • Job seniority
  • Location

Create a segment of product qualified leads

Use Hull's segmentation tool to filter your product qualified leads. Together with your usage data, you can identify fit and intent upfront so your sales team knows who best to spend their time with.

Since Hull updates every profile and every segment after every update to the data, your product qualified leads will be constantly refreshed with engaged, best-fit leads being added and removed.

Create and save a segment Product Qualified Leads like so:

  • HubSpot Lifecycle stage: "Lead" "Trial signup"
  • Hull Traits Usage Score: Is greater than 90
  • Madkudu Top Signals: Has any value
  • Madkudu Customer Fit: "Very good" "Good"

Sync product qualified leads & insights to your CRM & sales enablement tools

In Integrations, whitelist the segment Product Qualified Leads to sync to your CRM like Salesforce, HubSpot CRM &

Select and map the fields from Hull to sync to your sales CRM, including your product usage signals - conversations starters for your sales reps computed from real product usage.

Your CRM will now be kept up-to-date in real-time, including signals when a user is no longer highly engaged.

Notify sales reps (and your wider teams) of qualified leads engaging with your brand

Hull captures and updates each Profile and Segment in real-time, you can drive real-time insights. With Hull's Slack integration, you can notify your teams of these insights.

In the Slack integration settings, whitelist your segments of qualified leads, and select which fields you want included in each message.

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