Sales EnablementAutomate sales outreach to target leads as they move through the buying journey

Use Hull to automate sales enablement

How can you make sure your reps say the right thing, at the right time, to the right people?

How do you keep your deals moving forward?

The Playbook: Track your leads & prospects as they move through the buying journey, and use it to trigger personalized sales outreach.

Build it with Hull: Hull is a real-time customer data platform. Track all your leads actions into a unified lead & account profile, build segments to group alike leads, then sync to your sales engagement tools to trigger personalized sales outreach.

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First, capture all your sources of lead data

You can track & generate leads from many different sources. Connect to them all & aggregate into your lead management software.

Hull can connect to all your tools, tracking & databases with a variety of integration methods, and create a unified lead & account profile.

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Next, apply identity resolution

To associate data with a person (or company), you need an identifier such as Email or Domain.

In B2B, you also need to associate people and companies, including anonymous website visitors.

Hull has automated & secure identity resolution for people (Users) and companies (Accounts). Learn more in our documentation.

Hull uses identity resolution to combine data into unified customer & unified account profiles.

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Setup tracking across your buying journey

You need to identify the conversions & “aha!” moments in your customer journey & buying process. The goal is to prompt your sales reps to reach out with perfectly timed, in-context, helpful messaging.

The buying cycle of your product might be different, but this is often based on ations in your product (via analytics tools or your backend database), page views on your website, or email opens, replies & clicks.

Hull can connect to all your lead tracking and capture the streams of events from each lead into a unified lead profile.

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Create specific segments for lead nurturing & sales outreach

For every action your leads take that you want to nurture with marketing or prompt sales outreach, you need a segment. Your segment will control which leads receive the messaging, and when they should no longer receive that message.

You can build segments in Hull based on any event or attribute. Hull Segments update in real-time, and update your end tools, so you won’t have the wrong message being triggered to the wrong lead ever.

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Sync tasks & triggers to your sales tools

As leads move through the buying process, your sales tools should be updated to trigger the tasks, workflows, cadences, chat bots, and messaging.

Hull enables you map any data to your sales tools and whitelist segments to filter which leads & accounts are synced as well as trigger actions in your sales tools.

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Getting started with automated sales enablement

Customer data integration can be complex with many moving parts — tools, teams & data. Follow our Guide to Getting Started with Customer Data Integration.

Best practice: Don’t implement everything at once. Implement your data flows “brick-by-brick”.

Start your sales enablement project successfully:

  1. Pick one trigger to start with (e.g. Trial account created)
  2. Pick one tool to engage your leads with (e.g. Outreach)

With Hull, it’s easy to add additional triggers, sales tools, segments, rules & more later on. Start by implementing a complete sales outreach data flow end-to-end.

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