Power up ABCM at Terminus

Orchestrate the data and content behind account-based content marketing

Great to see you last night!

Hi Lauren,

Great to see you yesterday -

I wanted to showcase how we're thinking about bringing content and customer data together by throwing together this quick account-based landing page.

This is just the start of ABCM... I see three trends live at the moment. What do you think?

Three ways content marketing has to catch up with ABM

Create content pages (like this)

Predictive next content, based on account-level nurture strategy. "See this case study next."

Predictive personalization. Change the page according to anything known about the website visitor (reverse IP lookup as identifier)


Lego-block together content as components

1000 custom pages are unmanageable. But similarities in the story can be plugged together. Here's this page in our Contentful CMS.

Predictive personalization needs real-time data in the browser

Use Hull Fastlane to assemble the data needed in real-time. Use Hull Browser to sync that data into the web client. Use Intellimize to predict and serve the best version of content according to all the data it has on the website user.

If we can personalize email/ads, we can personalize web content. Separate content management from design and Dev. Plug ABCM content creation into other sales and marketing campaigns tools. Imagine: Salesloft Cadence: Create ABCM page (from inside Salesloft)

Grab a demo of Hull for Terminus today or tomorrow

Whilst I'm still in town, I'd love to show you how ABM and ABCM come together within a unified contact profile, unified account profile, and unified content management.

Web ABCM is live today with Hull customers like Segment, Front, and more.

I threw this page together in a few minutes, but you can imagine how this could be "finished up" and integrated with other channels - ads, email, chat, offline.

Grab a demo