How Hull can be Typeform's next growth enginePower up all your team's and tools with data synced in real-time

Customer data is siloed at Typeform :(

Typeforms everywhere!

Of course, Typeform has dozens of different typeforms... piping data into where?


The defacto CRM for sales, marketing, and all things lead & deal related.

MarTech Stack

Segment, SendGrid, ZenDesk, Autopilot, Wistia, SproutSocial, Google Tag Manager... the list goes on.

Hull can break and sync your data silos

Hull is a real-time customer database. It ingests data from all your tools, tracking & databases & unifies them into a unified customer profile - a complete single view of each person & company.

Next, you can enrich, cleanse, transform your data in Processor using plain JavaScript. Use any of your data to build, preview & update segments to filter data flows and use in third party tools.

Finally, selectively sync any of your data to all your tools & databases via our integrations, APIs, webhooks, and more. Hull will keep them all up-to-date in real-time.

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Using Hull at Typeform means

Product qualified leads

... from your first onboarding setup. Other SaaS startups like Appcues use Hull to hook into their data warehouse, enrich trial leads with Clearbit and engage them in HubSpot. Read their post on Sales Hacker).

"Legit visibility already"

.... said Drift's Head of Business Operations the day after installing Hull. Hull goes beyond just data warehousing and makes data visible & actionable in real-time in your team's tools of choice. Everything, not one thing, is the "single source of truth".


Beyond 1:1 relationships, your teams rely on data for context. With real-time, accurate data across all your team's tools, you can orchestrate hyper-personalized experiences at every touch point. See how Drift's Growth team is using Intent data to hyper-personalize experiences.

You guys have come far since this Series A team photo!

You've got the brand, content machine & freemium pricing as growth engines. Make data your next growth engine.

Feed your incoming Account Advisors with product-qualified leads, scores & signals, power-up your sales & marketing teams, delight your & customers with 1:1 personalization.

Okay, what does the process look like to setup Hull?

First, a quick call to understand your business priorities, where we might fit, and who are the main users & owners of Hull.

Next, we have a data consultation with you. A Hull solution engineer will work through the details of your first use case end-to-end.

Finally, we onboard you on a call together, and make sure your entire data flow is setup end to end. Voila!

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Not ready for Hull yet?

Customer data touches many different teams, so we understand projects like this take some planning (though your first implementation can be scoped & setup in a few calls).

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