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$450per month

Pricing is based on the number of connectors and incoming requests. Only pay for what you need.

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Do you offer a free trial?

Yes. You can signup for a free trial here, although our most successful customers discuss their use cases and our onboarded with a product team. You can book a meeting here.

What comes as a standard?

All community plans come standard with 3 months event retention, <15min sync delay, and email support.

Do you price based on contacts?

No. We don’t penalize you for having high or low numbers of contacts.

Do you store my user data forever?

We’ll keep it as long as you’re a customer! User ​properties​ are attributes (like name, email, job title) stored on the user profile. ​They expire with your subscription.

User ​events​ are timestamped records of user actions. They expire after a certain amount of time. ​Retention time depends on your subscription level​. By default, this is 3 months.

Do you price based on events?

For most customers, no. Pricing is based on the number of connectors you have.

For high volume customers, pricing will rise with the number of incoming requests too. Contact sales for an events assessment.

What is an incoming request?

Every call to the Hull platform is counted as an incoming request. Incoming requests can track events and update user attributes. If you send data about multiple users in the same payload it counts as multiple incoming requests.

How long can you store events for?

Event retention is flexible based on your pricing plan.

Who owns the customer data?

You do.

I’ve got more questions!

The busiest teams tend to have many questions. That’s why we personalize our demos to your needs. This is the fastest way to get all your answers to Hull. You can request your demo here.

If you’re not ready for a demo just yet, we’re happy to chat to you on Intercom on the right here too.

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