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Basic outgoing backlog information

Hey there,

In order to provide more transparency into your data flow progression, we've introduced a way for you view your outgoing traffic backlog.

From the overview page, you can access a column on the connector list that shows a number that represents the size of the outgoing backlog. This backlog size is represented represents the following numbers:

  • 0
  • < 500
  • then rounded to hundreds: ~600, ~700, ~800, ~900
  • then rounded to thousands: 1k, 2k, 20k
  • then > 999k

You can also see the backlog trend in the form of a rising or falling arrow or a steady line. This trend illustrates the changes in the backlog over the last hour. This icon is displayed as follows:

  • if the change was above zero we show a growing arrow
  • if the change was below zero we show a shrinking arrow
  • if the change is zero we show a steady line


Furthermore, you can now view the backlog for individual connectors from the connector overview screen, which will specifically show that connector's outgoing backlog over the last few hours.


You can learn more about this in the documentation for outgoing backlogs

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