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More validation rules

Hey there,

You may have noticed some invalid domains that are creating issues when they are ingested inside Hull's platform. To prevent this behavior, we have worked on implementing a more unified way of controlling data that is ingested with new validation rules.

The first addition is verification on the Account level. There are two ways to do this:

  • A regular expression on the account's external ID: you can now use regex to validate account external ids in addition to user external ids.
  • Domain blacklisting: you can now define domains that you want to be excluded from account identity resolution.

The second new capability is that you are now able to define the actions that you want to trigger on the accounts or users that you have blacklisted. You can now trigger the two actions below:

  • Move to anonymous ID: The invalid identifier will be stored as an anonymous ID, so that you can inspect it afterwards and/or process with custom Processor logic. If this action is picked for the account domain, the account will remain anonymous.
  • Ignore: Reject the account or user identifier from the incoming payload. The payload will be rejected if this was the only identifier sent for the user and/or account.

More validation rules.png

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