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Slack notification triggers for Account changes and activity

Hey there,

A highly requested feature has now been released.

Previously, only User activities could trigger a Slack notification. Now, you can also have Account change notifications in Slack! Using the Slack connector, you can configure notifications to fire whenever an account enters or leaves a segment.

Here's how:

  • First, you can choose a "Built-in" event between "Entered User Segment" or "Left User Segment". Hull does not support events on the Account level hence the possibility to select only "Built-in" Events. slack_1.png

  • Then, you can choose between "Built-in" Segment which is basically "All users" and "Custom" Segment which encompasses all the segments that you created on the Account level inside of your organization. slack_2.png

  • Finally, like on the User level, you can select a #channel or a @user in Slack to send the message to. This message will contain all the Account attributes that you can select inside the Account Attribute White List below: slack_3.png

For instance, if you have an account segment called "Inactive accounts" which you configured in order to track accounts that are potentially at risk, you can now notify your CS team whenever an account falls into that category!

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