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Unify statistics for all user and account visible attributes

We've improved the Attributes page for both Users and Accounts, and unified the experience by showing the same types of attributes for both.

The list of attributes is as follows:

  • Column Count : this is the number of times the attribute was updated in the selected time period
  • Column Users/Accounts : this is the number of distinct entities updated in the selected time period for all visible user and account attributes
  • Column Updates/User and Updates/Accounts : Per User/Accounts, number of attributes' updates
  • Column Segment : Number of segments a given attribute is used in
  • Column Updated by : The connectors in your organization that updates this given attribute
  • Column Status : Hidden / Visible / Visible and Tracked on the User or Hidden / Visible on the Account. Indeed, we do not track events on the Account level.

Attributes on the Users level : 1).png

Attributes on the Accounts level :


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