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One of Hull's value proposition is to capture various types of data and to unify all that data to a user and an account:

  • off-line data: data from your database or datawarehouse with the SQL connector
  • enriched data: data coming from enrichment tools like Clearbit, Datanyze among others, data captured by sales people inside their CRM, data captured by CS in their own tools
  • product data: tracking of your app
  • website data: tracking of your website

That's a lot of data which can help you design personas, describe your customer's journey, run attribution models that you want to display in BI and Datavyze tools.

How to get started

  1. Install the Datawarehouse connector.
  2. Select the segments of users you want to send to your Datawarehouse. For example, you can create a segment called free trial users which contains users who performed the event sign-up
  3. Select this segment inside the User/Account Filter Setup. Give a name to the table you want to populate inside the datawarehouse.
  4. Then, on top of your datawarehouse, you have your BI tool in which you can then run the queries you want to apply to have your reportings.

KPIs to impact :

Activation rate - MRR - ARR

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