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Segment.com use automated outbound sales to bring in more than $10,000 per day in revenue. It’s their third biggest source of qualified sales opportunities.

They do this by sending highly personalized emails based on job title, industry and recent website visits.

They target emails to people from companies who have recently visited their website. This is found using reverse IP address lookup. Prospector tools then find the relevant people from those companies. These are then de-duplicated against existing customers. The emails speak to the specific problems tied to each role, and feature case studies and social proof that’s industry specific.

Here’s what an example email looks like:

Example Segment Outbound Email

The ingredients of this recipe:

  • IP address (from an analytics tracking tool, like Segment)
  • Clearbit Reveal API
  • Clearbit Prospector API
  • Clearbit Enrichment API
  • Database of existing customers (to de-duplicate against)
  • Email tool (like Customer.io)

Here's how to set it up without code, using a customer data platform like Hull.

Install the Segment connector to send data to Hull.

Configure the Segment connector to pass pageview data to Hull.

Install the Clearbit connector.

Configure Clearbit Reveal to enrich the profiles of anonymous visitors with company data.

Configure the Clearbit connector to prospect for specific roles, titles and seniority at companies which have been "revealed".

Create a list using the Clearbit prospected contacts who haven't been enriched yet. Select the Clearbit Fetched at = "known" property and exclude contacts who have values for other Clearbit enrichment properties (e.g. LinkedIn handle). Save this list as "Clearbit Prospected".

Configure the Clearbit connector to enrich the list "Clearbit Prospected" - this will return 85+ data points on each person's profile.

Create a list using the Clearbit data you've prospected and enriched. Use the 85+ data points to create an ideal audience. Some examples:

  • Employment title
  • Employment seniority
  • Number of employees
  • Industry
  • Country
  • Technologies

Exclude existing customers, leads and contacts. You can source this data from your CRM or product database. Simply connect Salesforce, HubSpot, Intercom, or your SQL databases.

Save this list as "Target Prospects"

Install the Segment connector to send data from Hull to Segment (where it can be sent onwards to other tools).

Configure the Segment connector to select which properties to send to Segment from the Hull profile.

Configure the Segment connector to send the list of "Qualified Prospects" to Segment to forward to other tools.

Inside your Segment worspace, setup Customer.io as a new destination for the Hull source. This will make sure data can flow from Hull to Customer.io

Setup a workflow in Customer.io powered by a segment that's created from Hull.

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