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Both sales and marketing could benefit from more data to better target and personalize their messages and calls. But, sometimes it causes too much friction to ask for more information from a lead or customer.

Using Clearbit, we can "enrich" profiles of companies and contacts to give some of these answers without bothering customers, whilst able to serve them better.

This works for both HubSpot Marketing and HubSpot CRM.

Install the HubSpot connector.

Configure the HubSpot connector to fetch contacts, lists and custom fields from HubSpot and add to the Hull profiles.

Install the Clearbit connector.

Configure the Clearbit connector to enrich contacts. This works best with an existing list to enrich only the contacts which are mostly likely to deliver value.

By default, this enriches everyone which can cost a lot of credits on Clearbit. Hull can let you enrich only a select list of users.

Pick and choose any property from the Hull profile to send to HubSpot Contacts.

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