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The onboarding process is one of the trickiest part to achieve on the product. The objective of onboarding is to drive leads to these "Aha!" moments that will transform him into a customer and will make them stick with your product on the longer term.

During that process, you have to find the right trade-off between communicating as much information as possible so that leads understand the product and letting them pass the various steps with as less friction as possible. So, from a product perspective, this is a difficult exercice to achieve and it requires iterations.

Thus, there is no surprise to see a proportion of your incoming leads fall through at some steps of the process. But these leads are potential customers since they signed up to the product, so this is potential new revenue for you.

By notifying your sales about where leads fell through, you will help them know better about who is a candidate for activation. You will also help them better understand where the lead stopped and doing what which is valuable information to adapt their speech.

How to get started

  1. With a tracking tool like Segment, set up tracking on the key events or milestones you want your leads to hit during the onboarding process.
  2. In the processor, transform these events into attributes and tie them to the leads
  3. In the Hubspot or Salesforce connector, add these attributes to the Outgoing setup
  4. Your leads are now flagged with these new attributes

KPIs to impact:

Activation rate - MRR - ARR - Churn

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