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Particularly when you sell several products, you want to make sure that your customers use the right one with the adapted plan to optimize your revenues.

For instance, if you see that some customers often reach the limit of their current plan, you want your sales people to contact them so as to upsell them to the upgraded plan.

Or maybe their current usage of the product suggests that they could subscribe to another product of yours.

Also, you can often flag customers at risk by seeing their own usage of the product. If they have not logged in for a given time or are not using a key feature, this is probably worth trying to reach out to them to determine where the problem lies before seeing them churn.

How to get started

  1. Implement a tool like Segment to begin tracking user activity within your app.
  2. With the Processor connector, transform these events into an attribute and tie them to the user.
  3. Synchronize these users to your CRM: the attributes on the user level will be accessible directly by your sales people inside the CRM.
  4. Your sales people will be able to filter users inside the CRM based on these attributes.

KPIs to impact :

Up-sell - Cross-sell - Retention - MRR - ARR

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