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If you offer a free-trial to incoming users, you want to see to what extent they used the product before calling them to turn them into customers.

If the user has not managed to use the tool, sales will need to understand better their use case to see if the product will answer to their needs or redirect them to another product the company sells. On the other hand, if the user has got the most out of the trial, they will feel that it is a potential customer and will maybe even propose a yearly commitment.

Knowing the product usage of your free-trials users will help sales people take the right directions during the calls to increase chances of conversion.

How to get started

  1. Set-up your tracking tool on the elements you want to track on your app.
  2. You can create a rule inside the processor to score users by their usage of the free trial. For example, if a user has performed 3 times the event added a collaborator, you can give him a score > 50. You can also create new attributes that will take as a value the number of times a given event has been performed for example.
  3. Then, in the outgoing data of your CRM connector, select these new attributes tied to the user and match them to a new field inside Salesforce or Hubspot to make it accessible to your sales people.

KPIs to impact :

Conversion rate - GMV - MRR - ARR

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