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Sometimes you have too many incoming leads to be managed by your sales team. You also want your sales team to focus on the best prospects.

An interesting way to prioritise sales work is to score an incoming lead to assess to what extent this lead falls into your ICP. This score will take into account the number of employees, the MRR of the company and many other data you can retrieve from your enrichment tool and/or from your back-end.

This scoring will help you filter the leads you want your sales people to reach out to, those you want to nurture by emails and those you want to drop.

How to get started

  1. Inside the processor, create in javascript your own scoring rules which take as an input your leads' attributes and events and compute them in order to score them.
  2. Create a custom attribute called "lead_score" which take as a value this score and is which is tied to a user.
  3. Then, create segments of users- for example, users whose lead_score > 60, users whose lead_score is between 20 and 60 and users whose lead_score < 20.
  4. Send these segments to the User Outgoing setup of your CRM for the first segment so that salespeople can call them, to a marketing automation tool for the second one so as to trigger nurturing emails, and trigger no action on the third segment.

KPIs to impact :

Conversion rate - GMV - MRR - ARR

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