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As internal messaging tools like Slack move to the forefront of an organization's productivity tools, you want to make sure all your important notifications around inbound leads can be seen within those channels as well.

With Hull, you can create rules and triggers to send certain leads to specific channels, based on who the lead is assigned to, what geography they're in, how big the company is, or nearly any criteria you can think of.

How to get started

  1. Define the different scenarios you want to implement: what type of leads for which salespeople
  2. Inside Hull, create segments of users according to your assignment criteria. This can be leads engaged on the website and who belong to a German company for German-speaking salespeople or leads who signed-up and who belong to a company in the real-estate sector for salespeople specialized in that sector
  3. Inside the Slack connector, select the built-in segment Entered User Segment the trigger and apply it to one of the segments. Select the @user you want to assign this message to and write up the message to send (you can customize its content by using the Liquid language)

KPIs to impact :

Conversion rate - GMV - MRR - ARR

Connectors involved :




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