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Onboarding is not only about driving users to achieve the set-up of your product faster, it's about making sure they understand the true value of the product already from their first usage. This is about making them go through these "Aha!" moments that will make your users stick with you in the longer term.

Part of this onboarding process is about sending users personnalized emails :

  • when they achieve a step of the onboarding process to congratulate them and to provide them with more infos and advices
  • when they do not achieve a step of the onboarding and you want to reactivate them

If you can send personnalized content based on the events they achieved or not and based on other attributes (size of the company, sector,...), you can provide very personnalised content throughout the onboarding process to increase your activation rate.

How to get started

  1. With Segment, track the events users achieve during the onboarding process.
  2. If needed, enrich them with an enrichment tool (Datanyze, Clearbit,...).
  3. Create segments of users based on the events they achieve during the onboarding process and based on firmographic data- for example, a segment called users in our ICP who dropped with users "who did not fill in their credit card and belong to a company with more than 30 employees".
  4. Then, add this segment to the outgoing whitelisted segment section inside the customer.io connector. This will send users to customer.io only if they belong to this segment.
  5. Inside customer.io, trigger emails sequences only when users enter these segments.

KPIs to impact :

Activation rate - LTV - Repeat rate

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