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Walk new customers through your product by offering them timely, personalized emails based on where they are in the onboarding process.

Here are a couple examples of types of emails you can send:

  • When they reach a certain milestone in the onboarding process, send them an email to congratulate them and offer a new tip or trick they may find helpful
  • When they haven't reached a certain milestone, send them an encouraging email to re-engage them

How to get started

  1. Connect a tracking tool like Segment to sync events like visited the pricing page, dropped on the first page, added a collaborator, signed-up,...
  2. Once you have fetched events and attributes on your Users, create User Segments within Hull. For example, you can create a segment called No credit card credentials with Users who did not fully complete the sign-up process.
  3. Sync this segment out to your marketing automation tool like Customer.io to configure your email sequences

KPIs to impact :

Activation rate - LTV - Repeat rate


  • Hull.js or Segment
  • Customer.io, Mailchimp, Hubspot, or Marketo


Marketing - Product/Growth

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