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A successful onboarding process not only allows your customers to get up-and-running on your product in a timely manner, but also sets your customers up to understand the value of your product in the long-term.

A couple scenarios in which you might want to send emails to your customers during the onboarding process:

  • When they hit key milestones, send them an congratulatory email, and provide a good "next step" action to take.
  • When they have yet to reach certain milestones, send them an encouraging reminder email.

Hull allows you to aggregate events and attributes so you can take personalization to the next level.

How to get started

  1. With a tracking tool like Segment, set up tracking on the key events or milestones you want your customers to hit during the onboarding process.
  2. In Hull, create segments of users based on these events. You can also create the segments using certain firmographic attributes. For example, a segment for "SMB Inactive" might look like this:
  3. User has not logged in
  4. User belongs to an organization with 5-100 employees
  5. In your Hull Customer.io Connector, add your segments as outgoing whitelisted segment sto allow users to sync with Customer.io.
  6. In Customer.io, create a Campaign to trigger emails sequences to users in your whitelisted segments.

KPIs to impact :

Activation rate - LTV - Repeat rate

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