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Churn risk can be difficult to spot, but the signals lie in your database. This recipe let's your surface your churn risk signals and use that to automatically trigger a message to those accounts.

Install the SQL Importer connector.

The SQL Importer connector needs to connect to your database, like any other tool.

Share your hostname, port, name, username and password as you would connecting to a database query tool.

Write a SQL query that returns an email or external ID, together with whatever other user and account-level data you want to extract.

You can configure it to only look at queries last updated since the last sync.

Create a list based on contacts are risk of churning based on one-off or many activities, or lack of activities that have been tracked and recorded in the Hull profile.

Install the Intercom connector.

Configure the Intercom connector to chooce which lists in Hull to send and sync with Intercom.

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