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This Hull recipe triggers Slack notifications whenever a customer is highly engaged with your emails sent and tracked through HubSpot CRM. Though HubSpot sends notifications, it sends them for every action (every open etc.). This creates a Slack channel of only the most important behaviours, like repeat opens and clicks, which you wouldn’t have clear insight of otherwise.

With high signal-to-noise notifications, your Sales team can concentrate on the most engaged, most likely to convert opportunities instead of spreading or misdirecting their efforts at other people.

This recipe is used by Hull at Hull for driving our own sales operations.

Install the HubSpot connector.

Configure the HubSpot connector to fetch contacts, lists and custom fields from HubSpot and add to the Hull profiles.

Install the Processor.

Configure the Processor to transform the property in HubSpot which have a time stamp:

  • Last emailed
  • Last opened
  • Last clicked
  • Last replied

By looking for when this property updates, the Processor can create a new event and add this to the Hull profile.

Create a list based on interactions by leads with sales emails.

  • Opened an email more than once in a week
  • Clicked a link in an email more than once in a week
  • Replied to an email

Save this list as "Engaged with Sales Emails"

Install the Slack connector.

Configure the Slack connector to choose which fields from the Hull profile to display first with each Slack message.

Each Slack message includes buttons to view more data, and to the full Hull profile.

Configure the Slack connector to send notifications to the channel #sales_engagement whenever someone enters the list "Engaged with Sales Emails".

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