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Control who see’s what on your website.

Optimizely Audiences define who see’s a particular experiment. this defaults to 50:50 for A/B testing. You can set this to 100% in each experiment you’ve created, so everyone see’s this variation. You can create these audiences in Hull.

Create precise Optimizely Audiences using data from other tools

Convert more visitors and leads. Combine different data to target just the people you want to reach, and sync those to all your email, web and ad tools. One set of audiences to rule them all.

Audiences that are always up-to-date.

Sync and update Optimizely Audiences on an ongoing basis. Trigger the most relevant webpage variation at the right point in time for every customer and prospect.

Simpler, quicker and more reliable than your duct-tape setup today

Spreadsheets, scripts and your basic integrations can’t give you complete control of your all your customer data and ad audiences. Hull can. Connect Optimizely Audiences and your other tools in a few clicks. Start creating syncing your audiences from Hull to Optimizely right away.

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