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This recipe enables you to send personalised onboarding emails automatically to new signups. This uses Clearbit Enrichment data to lookup the job titles of your signups, and then segment them for enrollment in automated drip campaigns in Mailchimp.

Install the Mailchimp connector.

Configure the Mailchimp connector to fetch all contacts and lists from Mailchimp and sync them into Hull profiles.

Install the Clearbit connector.

Configure the Clearbit connector to enrich contacts. This works best with an existing list to enrich only the contacts which are mostly likely to deliver value.

By default, this enriches everyone which can cost a lot of credits on Clearbit. Hull can let you enrich only a select list of users.

Create lists in Hull using job title data from form submissions, social login and 3rd party enrichment.

e.g. Job title contains "sales".

Configure the Mailchimp connector to select fields from the Hull profile to sync to Mailchimp.

Configure the Mailchimp connector to sync lists from Hull to Mailchimp. These will appear as "static lists" in Mailchimp, but will be updated in near-realtime by Hull.

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