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This recipe enables you to personalize the contents of your automated web chat, as well as give your team working the chat the clues and cues to personalize their responses too, like:

  • Job title
  • Industry
  • Company description

This uses data from Clearbit to give a complete profile of a person and their company, and sync that back to Intercom to enrich it.

Install the Intercom connector.

Configure the Intercom connector to pass profiles, custom fields, and segments to Hull.

Create a list of all signups on Intercom who have an email address.

Install the Clearbit connector.

Configure the Clearbit connector to enrich contacts. This works best with an existing list to enrich only the contacts which are mostly likely to deliver value.

By default, this enriches everyone which can cost a lot of credits on Clearbit. Hull can let you enrich only a select list of users.

Choose what properties and events from the Hull profile you want to sync to Intercom.

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