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In most cases, companies do not know much about their website visitors. You need to make them fill-in a form to know at least their contact information in order to reach out to them.

By using enrichment tools like Clearbit, you can reveal who your anonymous users are and send them to Hull to synchronise them inside your CRM. Sometimes, you will see in Hull that one anonymous user belongs to a company that you tried to reach out a year ago : this is the perfect occasion to reach out to them and try to close them this time.

How to get started

  1. Install Clearbit and/or Datanyze connectors or another enrichment tool via a webhook connector (Pipl, FullContact,...).
  2. In the settings of these connectors, select the segments of users you want to enrich. For example, a segment called anonymous users tracked on the website which will correspond to the anonymous users tracked on the website.
  3. These users will be enriched. You can then create segments of users you want to synchronize with Salesforce or Hubspot, for example those that correspond to your ICP. You would call this segment : anonymous_users in our ICP and you will define it inside Hull as "users whose company has more than 50 employees, is a Saas Company and is located in Europe"
  4. Add this segment to the User Outgoing setup in the Salesforce or Hubspot connector settings to send these users out.

KPIs to impact :

Conversion rate - GMV - MRR - ARR

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