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This recipe creates and updates Salesforce Contact Records using new signup data from Segment.

Install the Segment connector to send data to Hull.

Configure the Segment connector to pass analytics data to Hull.

Install the Clearbit connector.

Configure to Clearbit connector to enrich the list called “Leads”. This adds 85+ data points to each contact’s profile about their professional profile and their company.

Create a list called “Qualified Leads” from contacts with at least one form submit and with a matching job title in their job title.

e.g. If you're targeting sales professionals, then the job title contains sales: Clearbit Employment Title contains “sales”

Install the Salesforce connector.

Configure the Salesforce connector to select which fields from the Hull profile (populated in the Hull profile by your other tools) to send to Salesforce.

Setup the Salesforce connector to sync the list of “Qualified Leads” to Salesforce. This updates any existing Salesforce Contact, Lead, or creates a new lead.

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