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If you've a free trial sales model, your sales team may miss leads from large companies who are getting a lot of value from their trial.

Using product usage data from your analytics and backend database, you can synthesize this into a format that's useful for your CRM and sales to take action with.

Hull can join up your different sources of product usage data that you're already tracking, make sense of it, and pass it to sales.

Install the Segment connector to send data to Hull.

Install the SQL Importer connector.

The SQL Importer connector needs to connect to your database, like any other tool.

Share your hostname, port, name, username and password as you would connecting to a database query tool.

Write a SQL query that returns an email or external ID, together with whatever other user and account-level data you want to extract.

You can configure it to only look at queries last updated since the last sync.

Create a segment in Hull with the data that defines a product qualified lead for you.

For instance:

  • Account created
  • Created more than X objects
  • Trial limits reached
  • Trial period has > 0 days left
  • Lifecycle stage ≠ customer

Save this list as Product Qualified Leads

Install the Salesforce connector.

Configure the Salesforce connector to select which fields from the Hull profile (populated in the Hull profile by your other tools) to send to Salesforce.

Setup the Salesforce connector to sync the list of “Product Qualified Leads” to Salesforce. This updates any existing Salesforce Contact, Lead, or creates a new lead.

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