Fill in the blanks in Salesforce from your other tools

Leverage the data you already have, and keep your sales team in their workflow. Combine data from all your tools and databases into one unified customer profile for each lead and customer on Hull. Then selectively sync that to Salesforce to create and update Leads and Contacts.

Give your sales team all the context they need to sell

Accelerate your sales pipeline. No more bare profiles. No deluge of data either. Just the precise insights and “clues” cherrypicked from the rest of your tools, transformed into a friendly format for Salesforce, a served right on time.

Orchestrate your sales and marketing from Salesforce

Sync data back from Salesforce into Hull to trigger actions and activity in your other tools. Coordinate campaigns across the entire customer lifecycle. Keep all your teams aligned and on the same page.

Simpler, quicker and more reliable than your duct-tape setup today

The AppExchange, your integrations partners and wiring together different tools can’t give you complete control of all your customer data. Hull can. Connect Salesforce in a few clicks and start syncing data to and from Salesforce and Hull. No code necessary.

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