If you’re using Segment, but are struggling to get the right data in the right format into the tools your team are using, let us show you how Segment customers like Segment.com, Trustpilot, IBM, Mention and more are using Hull to manage their data.

“Aligning customer audiences across multiple tools is a pain that all marketing & growth teams face. Because Hull centralizes the data store & segmentation engine we've reduced campaign overhead dramatically.”

Guillaume Cabane, VP Growth at Segment

Create a unified customer profile with data from Segment

Connect your tools to Hull (including Segment). Combine their data into one unified profile. Sort, segment and sync your profiles to all your tools in realtime. Complete control over your customer data - without needing a developer.

One master set of audiences, lists and segments to rule them all

Use all your data in Hull to group and filter profiles together with our advanced segmentation engine. Create and sync precision segments to all your email, ads and web tools - updated in realtime.

  • Leads lists
  • Email segments
  • Ad audiences
  • Website audiences
  • Slack notifications
  • Contact enrichment

Select what data you send to each tool

Get picky and avoid bloating each tool with unncessary data. With each connector, choose which properties and events from the unified customer profile you want to sync over.

Compute new properties and events

Transform your existing data to fit the right format for the right tool your teams are using. Compute and update new properties and events in Hull.

Command center for your Segment data

Orchestrate your entire sales, marketing and customer success stack with Hull. Coordinate campaigns and automation throughout every customer’s lifecycle. One central command to house all your marketing funnel, sales pipeline and revenue stack’s logic.

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