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Empower sales to reach a whole organisation and all stakeholders based on data in Salesforce.

Whether it's a working an opportunity, adding notes on a use case or figuring out next steps, these can all be used to bring relevant ads.

By connecting user-level data to Hull, creating ad audiences, and matching those audiences with networks like Facebook, it's possible to precisely target people at every stage of the sales cycle.

Install the Salesforce connector.

Configure the Salesforce connector to fetch leads, contacts and custom fields and sync them with Hull.

Create a list using Salesforce data.

In Hull, select the fields and custom fields associated with each contact and account from Salesforce. Use this to create a rule.

e.g. Opportunities with close date less than 30 days away.

Save this as a new list.

Install the Facebook Custom Audiences connector.

This will automatically sync all your lists in Hull with Facebook. This may take several minutes to compute and matchup your contacts with as many Facebook user's profiles as they can.

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