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This recipe let's you create automated drip email campaigns in Mailchimp that are sent to segments using behavioural data from Segement.

Install the Segment connector to send data to Hull.

Configure the Segment connector to pass pageview data to Hull.

Create a list based on a common action someone has taken using event data.

e.g. "Viewed pricing page"

Save this list in Hull.

Install the Mailchimp connector.

Configure the Mailchimp connector to select fields from the Hull profile to sync to Mailchimp.

Configure the Mailchimp connector to sync lists from Hull to Mailchimp. These will appear as "static lists" in Mailchimp, but will be updated in near-realtime by Hull.

Inside Mailchimp, create a new automation to trigger a drip email campaign. Select a segment to enrol new contacts in this.

Choose from the static lists and find the lists with [Hull] at the beginning - these are the lists managed, synced and updated by Hull.

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